Augochloropsis sumptuosa

Augochloropsis sumptuosa (Smith, 1853)

Languages: English



This bee's nest architecture is described by Sakagami and Michener (1962) as A. humeralis. From Sakagami and Michener (1962): Nest architecture is Type Vd: The cells are oriented vertically in a cluster that is completely surrounded by a cavity created by burrowing around the cluster. The cluster and cavity are connected to the main burrow by a lateral burrow. Multiple clusters may occur in one nest. Cells are arranged in combs. Flat ground is the only or typical substrate used for nesting. Number of cells in the nest: 6-16. Number of females in the nest: 1-3


Sakagami, S. F., & Michener C. D. (1962).  Nest Architecture of the Sweat Bees. A. Comparative Study of Behavior.. 135. Lawrence, Kansas: University of Kansas Press.